Powered by Competitive Solutions, Inc. HVIAS is a state of the art opioid incidence monitoring tool employing artificial intelligence/expert system technology.  A first of its kind in emergency departments, the technology is being debuted and will be powering the National Guard’s Counter Drug Task Force’s tool called Hudson Valley Interlink Analytic System (HVIAS)  in New York State.  Funded together by Competitive Solutions and Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster,  the technology platform is a first of its kind using rule-based code to find patterns of overdoses and broadcast care needs in real time to local community care givers.

Our lego-like HVIAS modular technology:

  • Increases the timeliness of reporting nonfatal opioid overdoses through syndromic surveillance (emergency department and emergency medical services data)
  • Increases the timeliness and comprehensiveness of reporting fatal opioid overdoes
  • Offers the first ever reporting of other risk factors that may be associated with a fatal overdoses (social determinants of health)
  • Broadcasts spikes in real time to law enforcement and community coalitions to help prevent further deaths
  • Disseminates surveillance findings to key stakeholders REAL TIME in order to inform prevention and response efforts for opioid-involved overdoses

Using technology to fight for lives.

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