Technology to Empower

Welcome to Competitive Solutions.  We are a healthcare IT solutions company with a USA-based team building meaningful custom software tools to move the needle in healthcare.

Our clients are by referral only.

Our Edge?

  • We’ve been working in healthcare IT for a combined 300+ years.  We understand your challenges.
  • Our leader, Marisa Barbieri, is a software engineer with an advanced degree in computer science and over 25+ years in programming and design.  That translates to an accurate estimate of your project.
  • Our senior leadership contributed to the design and development of numerous cutting-edge solutions.  That means you’ll get a cutting-edge product too.
  • Our development team is US-based and skilled in developing innovative healthcare IT solutions.
  • We run projects in Agile so you know what you’re getting and are a part of the solution all along the way.
  • We have a winning, passionate, diversified workforce to bring dimension and fresh ideas to our projects.

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