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About Competitive Solutions’ Healthcare IT (HIT) Incubator™

Competitive Solutions’ HIT Incubator™ program is a comprehensive training program that incorporates technology, consulting and communication training. The value of the HIT Incubator™ is to help develop and transition qualified candidates to engagement-ready consultants and equip them with the specific knowledge of the client’s project.

“With our HIT Incubator™, we are ready to respond to a client’s needs with the right skills.  It is very effective in getting our contractors up to speed with the nuances of our client’s workflows and specific systems before they start their assignments.  It also helps transition people such as clinicians to “consultants” because most clinicians do not have any background in consulting,” said Ashley Kuhn, Senior Training Analyst at Competitive Solutions.

Take for example, Tania Silcott, a recent PharmD.  Although she had exposure to healthcare IT in various hospital settings when she joined Competitive Solutions, she never functioned in a consultant role.  Clients transitioning to CPOE need the expertise of a PharmD but most firms wouldn’t take the risk of using a “non-consultant”.

“Competitive Solutions is different.  We recognize the need for an increased HIT workforce and give qualified applicants the opportunity to learn and contribute their expertise.  The HIT Incubator™ is our differentiator”, said Barbieri.

Tania Silcott, Pharm D, Consultant

“Consulting was new to me, but I knew I wanted to get into healthcare informatics and specifically help facilities transition to CPOE, a safer process for documenting medications”, said Tania.

Our candidates are screened carefully and  always prove to have stellar backgrounds.  We look for people that have experience ‘in the trenches’ using technologies”, said Marisa Barbieri, CEO.

What differentiates us from the others?  Our leadership has IT experience which gives us an advantage when qualifying our candidates.

The People.  The Talent.  The Job Done.™

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