Cyber Security Consulting Services

Healthcare Cyber Security Consulting Services

Weaknesses in information security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties which can cripple your organization.

We can help you assess and manage your IT risk.  Our certified cyber security consultants provide services and solutions that deliver actionable steps to keep you protected.

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Cloud Risk Assessment and Security Requirements

Discovering, correcting and preventing existing security problems on an ongoing basis.

Our cyber security consultants use their expertise in security assessment, compliance, and authorization to analyze threats to cloud and on-premise systems based on their likelihood of occurrence. By combining known threats, architectural design, and the probability of occurrence with mitigation and risk transference strategies, we’re able to provide a clear representation of an organization’s risk posture.

We can do an initial risk assessment and provide services and solutions for continuous risk assessments. We have performed assessments of complex multi-level secure systems, small, dedicated systems, cloud-based services, and e-commerce systems.

Cloud services used in your enterprise information architecture must comply with the same security requirements that pertain to your on-premise systems.

Vulnerability Assessments

Examining your security posture to discover and remediate vulnerabilities.

The purpose of a vulnerability assessment is to evaluate your current IT environment known vulnerabilities, review your current security posture in the context of those vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations for correcting them. Evaluations performed from multiple locations within and outside your network help you understand the threats from each attack point for a thorough assessment of your IT environment.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The Department of Homeland Security believes that cyber criminals are targeting users now more than ever to gain access into your network and steal data.

It takes one user to cause a breach.  Is the culture of your organization cyber safe™?  Training your users / employees is a critical element of healthcare cyber security.  Users need to understand the value of protecting your organization’s information. They also need basic training in other risks and how to make good judgments online.

What are the unique risks to healthcare clients?

  • Extensive amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) transmitted and stored on systems.
  • Mobile and tablet computing in offices/hospitals.
  • Heavy dependencies on outsourced service providers such as payment processors and laboratory test processing.
  • Complex chain of liability from providers, payors, third party administrators, technology or hardware firms, pharmacy benefit managers, outsourced network service providers and data storage firms.
  • Many users leaving door open to human error.
  • Network systems typically allow multiple points of access (including outsourced vendors).
  • Creation and implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Personal Health Records (PHRs).
  • Sharing of health information with a variety of providers, including specialists.

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Did you know?  A weak password can compromise your entire organization?  Click here for a list of the most commonly used passwords of 2016.

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