Cyber Security Training

Training Outline

Cyber intrusions are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated.   According to the FBI’s Cyber Crime Unit,  “In a ransomware attack,  users—upon seeing an e-mail addressed to them—will open it and may click on an attachment that appears legitimate, like an invoice or an electronic fax, but which actually contains the malicious ransomware code. Or the e-mail might contain a legitimate-looking URL, but when a user clicks on it, they are directed to a website that infects their computer with malicious software.

One the infection is present, the malware begins encrypting files and folders on local drives, any attached drives, backup drives, and potentially other computers on the same network that the victim computer is attached to.”

Users are the weakest link.  Awareness training helps users stay informed and aware of their critical roles in keeping your organization safe.  Our training creates a CyberSafe™ culture.

Training Agenda

-Reviews the current trends in cyber hacking

-Orients the users to the primary cyber threat agents

-Discusses the latest scams & tricks that cyber criminals are employing

-Reviews the 10 steps to avoiding online scams

-Discusses tips to help identify a scammer or imposter

-Reviews the steps to take if hacked

-Reviews online resources for keeping informed

FAQ’s about the Cyber Security Workshop
Who should attend the workshop?

All users should attend the workshop.  We offer a more in-depth training for IT administrators, and network technicians.

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop can be delivered by our consultants live at your facility or can be purchased as an online training module for your facility.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop lasts one hour.

Do my users need any computer knowledge to attend?

No, but basic terminology would be helpful.  If the users will be accessing the webinar they will need a computer.

Will the users get any materials for later reference?

Yes.  For our on-site training programs, we supply ‘quick reference’  cards to serve as reminders for the students.

Will you review our policy for reporting a potential breach?

Yes.  We ask that you supply us with the information before the workshop.  That is all you need to prepare for the workshop.

How can we schedule a workshop?

Call or email us at 800 863 1248 or


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